Epstein Stories You Will Not Find In The News

Polly is as always… Amazing ! connections

Truth is difficult but essential...

This video by Amazing Polly looks at the lesser known, but important, connections and history of Jeffery Epstein. She gives many links below the video.

The whole Epstein Saga is going to expose a large network of people and nefarious business, it will become a huge scandal that has the potential to topple many famous and wealthy people. There is much more to be exposed.

The NXIVM trial is also like the tip of an iceberg. There is much more to come from this. Links to the Epstein saga will probably become apparent.

It looks like the exposure of the ‘Deep State’ Globalist Cabal is starting with the people/child trafficking and pedophilia. Probably because it’s endemic. This activity is a worldwide business that involves many important people and businesses. Interwoven is the illicit drugs trade. It leads everywhere.

The storm is upon us. We live in interesting times.

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Bill Gates has pledged an additional $35 million to fund gene drive research. The research aims to eradicate malaria with the genetic engineering of the mosquitoes responsible for its spread. DOUBLING DOWN Target Malaria, a project funded by Bill Gates, plans to put an end to malaria with the aid of CRISPR gene modification. The research […]

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Check out the murder of the anti-GMO activist in Florida who was recently found dead in her pool… she ‘d been very vocal about releasing these mosquitos into our environment.  They know nothing of what the consequences will be, mad scientists shouldn’t be allowed to play with our lives.


This Video is a PERFECT compliment to Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s excellent and informative article published this morning! http://medicalveritas.org/disease-x/ God Bless All of You! Jenny Hatch http://www.JennyHatch.com “It is much more profitable and protective to pay propagandists to indoctrinate the CULTure feigning risks from rogue terrorists allegedly acquiring new biotechnologies, and releasing novel bioweapons, than to […]

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