So… Soapnuts to Soyabella

A few things I’ve discovered that really make a difference in our lives around here.  The soapnuts are not ingested, but used for cleaning. It’s mostly what I use for laundry now. In the past I have been loyal to Tide, even paying more for it, convinced it was the only way to get my good work clothes or, when kids were really little, poopy diapers, really clean.  Now, I use my new toploader (which was kind of hard to find with all the front loaders) and a bag of about 6 soapnuts with Seeds Removed! They are so weird, but 3 lbs were $12 or so; it comes out to 2/3 usable shell so ultimately 2 lbs has lasted me over 6 months, and I do laundry every day and I still have half of it at least left.  It’s worth looking into – we have a septic system so I’m very careful.  Ideally, hot water & agitation activates the soapnuts. In a hot wash – let it fill with cotton or muslin sturdy drawstring bag of 6 shelled nuts. Let agitate for a few minutes; you can see the saponins foaming a bit.  If you’re doing a cold water wash -shake the soapnuts in a large jar of hot water a few times making “tea” & add this to the wash.  If Mike’s clothes are really bad & greasy it’s a mess & he goes to cleaners or we use bottle of reserved Tide (or Seventh Generation! now.)  I’m also experimenting with other ways to use it as a cleaner. I use it on me sometimes.  It’s antibacterial & antifungal; would probably be good to rinse the dog with..

OK, now the Soyabella! I have made really good soybean milk with organic (of course) soybeans.  It used to be that 2/3 of the worlds’ soybeans were GMO; now I read it’s more like 91% so it takes looking to find your organic soybean. It would defeat the purpose to use GE soy. I’m also drinking raw Jersey cow milk which I absolutely love, and it makes me feel good and it tastes wonderful.  So because it’s expensive,  I use less and drink my soy, nut or rice milks or paste; all which can be made with Soyabella.  This can all be done by hand too, but this little machine makes it so much easier and in just 15 minutes, after the beans are soaked for 3-4 hrs or overnight.   You can even make biscuits from the soy residue. BUT I’ve done more than that… soups are great.  We’ve made squash tomato & bean soup & corn potato onion chowder. They suggest Broccoli, onion; Squash & curried cashews; Carrot, ginger, curried cashews; Potato, leek, garlic; Butternut squash, onion, carrot; and Kale, corn combinations.  You can make broths, creamy, pureed or chunky soups.  It is also a mill for coffee or spices, grains, nuts or seeds.  Other drinks like Sunny Sunflower or Thanksgiving milk, Five Bean, salty soy, black soy & sesame, peanut and soy milk, red jujube & green soybean milk or lotus seed milk, walnut, almond, peanut or Honey Black Sesame milk are all recipes i’ll try!  Millet and sunflower seed porridge and Brown rice and pine nuts sound good to me for breakfast.  Well, enough about those subjects.  It’s a cold, gray & stormy day outside but yesterday I planted clover up in the vegetable garden, we’ll see if it grows enough for a cover crop, late I know…  lights are flickering hope power stays on.  Off I go Hasta la vista


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