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Update: Dog’s Diet

Just want to note that Dingo is doing very well. I feed a raw meat diet with an = amount of veggies, usually. Today I fed 2 big chicken thighs and good oatmeal with blueberries and molasses that i overcooked yesterday. That is the only real grain he’s had so far. Yesterday, potatoes and squash puree complemented the raw scallops (Mike bought a bunch of cheap ones that cooked down to tiny balls) and 1/2 can of organic turkey petfood. It was messy and i even spoon fed it to him. If i sometimes feed him ground burger then it’s so that i can mix in certain things & hide them easier -but he’s not too picky. I always add my powdered chicken eggshells 1 tsp, dog vitamins for coat & skin, glucosamine, kelp, wheatgrass we grow, probiotics, burdock root & olive leaf and sometimes various other food or supplement as needed. He eats a lot of carrot (many times cooked to release vitamins) zucchini, butternut acorn or other squash, celery and some of our chickens eggs. Notably, he’s had NO soy, corn or wheat. A couple days ago his eyes cleared, leaked white milky fluid for 2 days -though he was still losing fur up to his face. Now it’s growing back soft and…. WHIte. Different from the black & white speckles he had. He’s not itching as bad but still wears the cone. He’s got bright brown eyes with only little white spots left on the lens? and a white face now with a black snout still. He’s gone on a few walks and up to chickens and garden with us. He is Feeling pretty good. Mike is toning down on the external treatments for his skin for awhile – i think it’s too rough on him until he detoxs on inside.

As for cats, they’ve happily changed to Orijen 6 Fish formula. We tried samples that the feed store gave us of EVO turkey & chicken, Innova Cat & Kitten food and Felidae chicken meal & rice (don’t like rice in this though) so they liked these better than grocery store brands but after they tried the Orijen there was no going back. This and mice sustains them.  We find that by shopping at small stores and local businesses we pay more but get more in the long run.  As I get older I am willing to pay more for quality and health and get by with less material things overall.


Watch out for…

1)All commercial pet food – i now believe in a raw food diet for pets after my experiences this last decade. Even my cats will switch from Iams which they do love but can’t trust any longer  2)Nano wrapping on organic products – compromises organic product
3)the words “Natural flavor” the divine right was given to these biotech giants to use these words for a GE fake flavoring:
Note: and it must take up alot of room. On my pet food it’s right after all the GE grain filler & before the GE fake vitamins B2 riboflavin and B6,B12 etc. And absorbic acid (Vitamin C) but usually this isn’t made in the US, so should be usually GE free. In rating the pet foods- one woman was reviewing every ingredient and couldn’t identify one called “natural flavor” & couldn’t get the company to respond to enlighten her further,  but I know why they don’t want to answer…somewhere else I found out what “natural flavor” is now and its certainly not organic or non gmo.  More on this soon.                                            4) If ingredient is just sugar and doesn’t identify it as organic or cane it’s probably GE sugar beet.  I just get good old C&H if I can’t get organic cane & use stevia a lot               5)Pet food companies cheating on the organic rule ; to be organic, a product must be 95% at least, organic and other 5% still has to be non gmo; I saw a company word a label on their “organic” pet food so that that last 5% may have genetically altered materials that are “tested to be similar or the same as its counterpart”, which I do not trust. The FDA lets untested dangerous drugs on the market – why trust them on this?  Watch out, are they going to do this to human food too? GE crop or seed raised “organically” & so are considered organic? NO-  won’t work for me.  Best bet is to buy 100% organic from trustworthy company assuring product will be non gmo.  If the FDA declares that there is no difference between GM food and natures food, which they seem to be under enormous pressure from the Big 6 to do, then we are losing alot of options, and ability to choose our food at that point. Apparently, the FDA feels it would just confuse us consumers too much if we had all that information! Condescending, huh? They just don’t want us to know, so that we all go happily along plucking their products off the shelf & paying hard earned money for cheap junk, trusting that it’s safe.   Well, it may be much more difficult to ferret out non-gmo foods – just skipping the grocery store entirely is my goal under those circumstances; there will be no way to guarantee that a product off the shelf is pure and free from GE cells; even with an organic label anymore. I will have to deal with companies whose business is strictly dedicated to being gmo free. We’ll keep watching this struggle between consumers and government agencies like the FDA in bed with big business. I have a feeling it’s just too much power to fight, but i’m not going to give it up, i just think of my kids and i’m ready to continue….

Non GMO for pets-means more than natural

Oh, boy. With our dog Dingo and 3 cats we inherited and 3 chickens we have a few pets to take care of. Right now we are trying to figure out why Dingo is not feeling well. Changing his pet food and finding a better product which means organic with as few grains, by-products and fillers as possible. I want to start him on a raw diet -meat as duck chicken quail or lamb & some vegetables only, but uncooked as nature would have them eat. No deal for Mike – now if we raised some more chickens and needed to cull (not sick ones though!); this would be an excellent food source for dogs.  But way expensive it seems, to feed unless we can figure out a source for raw food more cheaply than frozen Nature’s Logic or other good commercial brand.  For now Natural Balance will have to do.  Cats are being switched from Iams since babies 3 years ago; to more organic products. They are so picky though. It will be a gradual changeover. I don’t know if they’ll go raw. They do love their mice and sometimes only its back or head is left, so someones’ had a snack for sure.  I Don’t let them snack on birds though.  Fuzzy actually likes big birds, like the chickens Chickadee, Flippety and the Rooster, Jezabel who was supposed to be a hen.  He learned yesterday not to stick his face so close to a chicken beak.  boy he was upset when the Black Java did her thing and used the beak on his head.  Fuzzy freaked and then stalked her, I certainly kept an eye on him in case he decided to get cat revenge.

11/13 : I’ll do a quick update on Dingo’s progress – he loves new raw diet and eats once every 24 hours.  Yesterday with chicken he ate zucchini (baked till skin was soft) & kale blended very fine and mixed with kelp,wheat grass, slippery elm to help ease elimination and my own calcium blend; egg shells powdered 1 tsp per pound of food.  Day before he ate beef, and then scallops with blended carrots & celery and my own wheatgrass & kelp. Burdock root and olive leaf are given as supplements every day – these aid with cleansing intestines & controlling any fungal problems he may have internally.   Before, by just taking care of his external problems and not his inside, I couldn’t make progress.  I just kept reintroducing the same type of commercial food back to him; just slowly realizing that this was what was making him sick in first place. Listening to people say “change his food to this, to that, to the other” and nothing making much difference. His skin still deteriorated and got slowly worse. Topical applications appeared to help but i believe the problem was still manifesting INside his body, and spreading where we couldn’t see,  but was seriously degrading his health.  His eyes already seem to be losing their white opaqueness that almost made him seem blind at times.  He seems to be having a will to live again, though basically he rests and heals most of the time now.  So, he will endure while I attempt to clean up and detox my own body.  Kind of funny as I let go of meat, he embraces it ! I will keep my eyes open for a good source of food, right now the meat he is eating is still probably GE grain fed meat (which is why I don’t eat it) so it is not ideal. But better than commercial stuff for now.  So, I am learning what to look for and will hopefully come up with local sources of gmo free meat for Mike & i, the dog, cats and GE free food for the chickens to complement their free range diet.  This all makes me want to study the Nutritionist and Holistic Pet courses to complement the Master Herbalist class.   Then might as well go the whole way and become a Naturopath; maybe one day…