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Generically altered Nano Food For the Mega Rich – Special food for special people

VIP’s: A new idea for the elite 1% like The Gates families or Wm Buffet royalty for instance. Grow your genetically engineered foods for a specialty market of those special people that have almost 1/3 of this countries money. Target this market, over the next couple decades the rest of us can observe to see how strong virile and long lived you are. Show us how healthy and wonderful your food is. Make cherry/mothwing/tomatoes or grape/human gene for skin color/e coli to preserve you & turn you a beautifully browned. Make sheep + cows = new shows (sheep & cow so your gyros can have the ultimate flavor) pig + goat + oats = poats- bacon & groats & goat milk in one animal or mix carrots + moths and the carrots can fly to you at night, a delivery system built in to your food. Oh, i will go on and on in later posts, but the idea was too good to lose. And you can CROSS species barriers and add Human genes easily. So pig bee cucumbers with hands that bring home the bacon! Rat fly squash people that guard your house at night or you can eat them. Corn that has built in bacteria viruses & pesticides that keep it pest free in the garden; the city & waterways surrounding it and Even in YOUr intestines & gut. The gift that keeps on giving this holiday…


Monsanto’s Neotame molecule allowed in USDA certified organic foods

Monsanto’s Neotame molecule allowed in USDA certified organic foods.   Ok so now i can’t even trust USDA organic; i believe i had a grand mal seizure because of aspartame, and this will be probably even more deadly to me.  Since this doesn’t need to be listed in the ingredient list; the only thing you can do is call the company and find out if they use this in any of their foods. Just another step in the complicated process of being organic,  oops, excuse me that doesn’t work anymore,  non Monsanto is the new terminology.

Happy Holidays & New Years Resolutions

I am thankful for the knowledge that i have had the pleasure of acquiring ; especially since the turning of 50. I would so not go back to those days of naivete, ignorance, complete obliviousness to the larger global world. First concerned with me alone and becoming independent, then to raising a family in my 30’s- an all consuming proposition if you do it right, and mixed up priorities as to whom i admired and even worshipped. I feel so much more clear headed, able to stick with projects, concentrate.  Have i left my ADHD behind? Maybe my physical health is helping to support a clear head. My neck, shoulder and back problems are minimal. “The Frozen Shoulder Workbook” by Clair Davies, NCTMB paying off. I did overcome my pain and regain range of motion as promised! My hands not stiff and clumsy (the nettles and cayenne & comfrey & castor works?). My skin in good shape- no more store bought cosmetics for me, just ones i create from organics. No more debilitating sinus headaches every day ; and i’m totally off all the drugs i was on for congestion. The neti pot with various herbals added to the water has been successful. Digestive problems & stomach upset (DGL or organic papaya enzymes help if needed) are rare anymore.  Cleansed and replenished with proper bacteria & enzymes my digestive system is feeling better. I’m Living Organically and it feels good. I’m non gmo since Non GMO month October. I’ve ousted all sources of GE out of and off of my body.  I’m so thankful for all the sources of non gmo & organic food that are out there now. It’s much easier today than yesterday to purchase organic food as its more available and affordable in many cases. But mostly i’m thankful for the drive i have now to grow my own food; the soy, corn, squash, sugar beets, paw paw, wheat etc etc. I’ve discovered community that is devoted to saving and distributing the seed that is so vital to our well being  To teaching others how to grow organically in a way that replenishes the earth, using our animal friends and crop “waste”. Creating perma culture, to make good changes last. The love of biodynamics, biodiversity and biology among these people who love our Planet and want it in good shape for their children. Gentle kind people that do things in moderation. Not driven by insatiable appetites for power and money, not hard driving cutthroats types. Maybe if there are a lot of us, we Can do something when the power driven of the world make bad decisions not in our best interest. It makes me hopeful. A lot of small is always better than ONE BIG,  in every way you can look at it. More small farms;better healthier for us humans than few large operations. More & varied businesses are always better than one or two big corporate monsters.  Many kinds of food grown in diverse places under diverse conditions is always better than reliance on one monoculture of anything. Like we have 100 and 100’s of kinds of banana’s in world, why just grow one boring single kind?

OK – so why do i feel so good? Not sure but here are some ideas:  I threw out my microwave years ago. I do not take any drugs anymore, not even ibuprofen (at one time i was taking it every day, all day). I stopped smoking at end of September. I don’t use aspartame (i believe it caused me to have a gran mal seizure & i was out for 2 days), and limit sugar use, i avoid all labels that just say “sugar” as i believe that it is from GE beets. I experiment alot with different kinds of palm, cane, stevia sugars. I leave refined white flour basically alone. I grind my own flour and corn or buy organic – we even have a local mill that grinds local grains!  Our chickens eat organic grain mix from another local company & free range so our eggs are as healthy as you get, our hens produce every single day no matter what. Happy hens! thank you girls.  Of course all processed food is a big no no, although sometimes still Mike buys it, I don’t partake. And i make him read the label to identify all the GMO ingredients. He’s like, “but it’s just FIsh”.  No, it’s refined flour, soy derivatives, corn sugar, HFCS, mono or diglycerides or he says “It’s blueberry pie, what could be in it?” and i show him fructose, riboflavin (vitamin B2), milo starch or whatever GE additives. And when he tries to read labels, we’re tricked by  the Vit C ascorbic/ascorbate acids, cobalamin B12 and tocopherol Vit E because they’re vitamins, thought they were good and didn’t realize they’re made with GE at first.

It’s nice to be aware; and our resolution is to become great organic farmers, seed savers and knowledgeable people to turn to in our community. Thank you to all of those of you small people that make a difference. And who don’t mind being & being called small.