Generically altered Nano Food For the Mega Rich – Special food for special people

VIP’s: A new idea for the elite 1% like The Gates families or Wm Buffet royalty for instance. Grow your genetically engineered foods for a specialty market of those special people that have almost 1/3 of this countries money. Target this market, over the next couple decades the rest of us can observe to see how strong virile and long lived you are. Show us how healthy and wonderful your food is. Make cherry/mothwing/tomatoes or grape/human gene for skin color/e coli to preserve you & turn you a beautifully browned. Make sheep + cows = new shows (sheep & cow so your gyros can have the ultimate flavor) pig + goat + oats = poats- bacon & groats & goat milk in one animal or mix carrots + moths and the carrots can fly to you at night, a delivery system built in to your food. Oh, i will go on and on in later posts, but the idea was too good to lose. And you can CROSS species barriers and add Human genes easily. So pig bee cucumbers with hands that bring home the bacon! Rat fly squash people that guard your house at night or you can eat them. Corn that has built in bacteria viruses & pesticides that keep it pest free in the garden; the city & waterways surrounding it and Even in YOUr intestines & gut. The gift that keeps on giving this holiday…


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