New Year Resolution : Continuing On

My resolution; giving renewed life to the same principle that i have been following through out this blog. To live organically and GMO free for the rest of my life, my pets lives and hopefully my husbands, if he can.  I want this to be the half way point of my life. Mind you i have arrived into my 50’s so that’s asking alot in our country! And somehow i started out the year on a sad note when i watched “Cry of the Snow Lion” with the dalai lama and the sad predicament of the Tibetians that STill is going on. Those horrible Chinese people have decimated a whole culture.  Why do we do business with such a cold atheist, disrespectful, unethical, immoral country?  That movie was made in 2003 and the genocide and crowding out of the Tibetan people by massive amounts of chinese really went wild the year my daughter was born, and has never gotten better 22 years later! How did we all just let this atrocious thing happen in Tibet to a peace loving people that would never inflict the pain and savagery that has been used on them. You can support these people whom the world can learn so much from on It’s a sad truth that passiveness hasn’t worked for this independent people lately, though they lived for 1000 years in peace and happiness and enlightenment.  I wish China had chosen to treat them with respect and respected their rights as their own people. Again truth is harder to stomach than fiction when it comes to the hard cold truth about humans that want power and control and money. That is a main principle that bugs me about the Big 6, the government and the powerful rich families that manipulate both government and huge corporate interests to their advantage (more money or control or power to gain) with regard to spreading genetically engineered “foods” not only within the middle class and poor in our country but to Australia, Scotland, UK, China, Argentina, Canada etc and really going after Africa now. Studies (those that aren’t suppressed, or have funding cut or in many odd ways they disappear) that have popped up, are showing scary results. But after 14 years there are clues in our pets, deformed animals that have been fed GE soy, corn, cottonseed that are In our food chain!, obvious reproduction and sterility problems in studies (as shrunken gonads, different blue colored testes) in test animals, in a Russian study even bizarre things like thick hair growing on the INside of the mouths of hamsters by 3rd generation, though only a very few managed to have pups by then.  They were fed GE soy (just like the stuff in our processed food that we eat every day)  and in contrast those fed just organic soy thrived and had 78 pups versus the 40 or so that the non soy control group had. The other 2 groups fed some GE soy and all GE soy were shockingly ill or just died. You can watch this conversation about the Russian study between Dr. Mercola and Jeffrey Smith, a non gmo hero, and it’s not pretty.

But the thought of any human (bully) throwing their weight around the schoolyard or the world to the detriment of other human beings who have equal right to live a healthy life in this world, makes me sick. Whether it’s China stifiling the freedom of a whole culture & destroying a country which held a gold mine of intellectual enlightenment of centuries of searching & horribly torturing the peoples sacred monks & nuns!!! OR  the American monster machine collecting key allies all over the world determining all of our fates in control of our food supply. If what studies are showing with our animals holds true to people – this is as much genocide as Hitler and the Jews or China with the Tibetan people. It’s just going to take a little longer…and we’ll never be truly able to connect up all the dots because the dots are being erased, before we can even see them there. They will never allow labeling of GMO’s. If they did, illnesses or deaths or sterility would be way too easy to trace back to source. We can keep fighting for labeling but the powers that be are too big to allow that to happen. Consumers are not of the ultimate importance in this deception.  But it doesn’t have to be negative; information is power. Use your power to purchase good organic non GE foods, buy what’s in season locally and explore the coops, feed stores, natural food stores and small local businesses.  Of course, growing your own & saving seed are important. Next post will be more on this and foods i’ve been preparing now that the holidays are over. I did cave in and ate meat at Christmas, and polished off all my nieces delicious goodies -i will miss those MMmmmm. But next year i will have figured out how to make plenty of sweets that are perfectly organic. And i will have convinced all my little nieces of the importance of non gmo by then. Lots of gardeners are sending their produce to food banks which means there is plenty of fresh stuff available out there for us all. Hey, i will have lots to give to family and the food bank if all works right in my small garden. But mostly i’ll be using a huge greenhouse especially built because of our foul weather here,  thanks to Mike.  And in my little indoor grow space by the kitchen for herbs & tomatoes!  Can’t wait to dig in 2011!!


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