OK I give up – link to perpetraitors is in this blog

Since i can’t get this onto my blog; I will just type the link here and you can check it out. When i posted this before it was just bringing you to that blank page where it says you are here in error! What? OK the link is http://www.   of course and then chemtrails911.com/U.S.%20Department%20of%20Defense.htm  this means you have to type it in yourself to find the kinds of programs and planes that are spraying us & our earth to death.  We are talking BIG MONey here. If we had these billions spent on this weather/climate geo engineering program and concentrated on doing GOOD things with the money, we could fix & feed the world organically and have us all live in a healthy environment.  I am sick that taxpayers are paying for the sickness and death of people, creatures and our earth itself with its soil, atmosphere, plants & forests.  It’s unbelievable that a few crazy people & governments around the world can decide the planets fate, I guess we’re just oops – going to have to be chembusters!


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