A to Z Kids Stuff Clouds

A to Z Kids Stuff Clouds. Crazy. Our kids are being taught that it’s normal & to be expected to be sprayed by planes. It is actually making us unable to breath, hurting our lungs among many things…correct this DISinformation!!! Do not create toxic black & gray artifacts & freakish inkblots with your children & teach them that “clouds” come from airplanes. Please!


2 thoughts on “A to Z Kids Stuff Clouds

    1. wordthirster Post author

      Scary huh? It’s intended to make kids think that these artifacts (manmade clouds) and chemtrails are natural. Which they aren’t & they are toxic besides all the other problems this climate manipulation causes. I can’t believe that someone came up with this as a childs project. It’s awful what they’re trying to teach the children. They are brainwashing them at a young age.


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