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GM crops and honey bee research

GM crops and honey bee research.In an investigation colonies of honey bees infected with the parasite nosema and fed with the pollen of the genetically modified maize MON810, collapsed much earlier than those colonies which were fed with conventional maize pollen.


hyper dimensional physics/Hoagland Maxwell

By Mike Bara

© 2008 The Enterprise Mission

A new paper by a pair of Australian astronomers has provided a flat-out, indisputable confirmation of the Hoagland\Torun Hyperdimensional Physics Model, first proposed in their 1989 paper, “The Message of Cydonia.” The new paper, titled “Does a Spin Orbit Coupling Between the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle?” points out a resonant, synchronized relationship between the Sun’s periodic peak sunspot cycles and the orbital positions of the Jovian planets — Jupiter and Saturn. Careful readers of Dark Mission will note that this exact relationship, is both implicitly and explicitly predicted in Chapter 2 of our book.

2-6-2013 Comment

(my own comment here: as time goes on I hear about Hoagland & Maxwell being big time dis info agents – so I am wary of them : but at the time I was very interested & had just read Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland & I wanted to trust him.  Why Deceive Us and How if so, is it because of their freemason background & are they allied with the Shadow Government? my questions still…