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hyper dimensional physics/Hoagland Maxwell

By Mike Bara

© 2008 The Enterprise Mission

A new paper by a pair of Australian astronomers has provided a flat-out, indisputable confirmation of the Hoagland\Torun Hyperdimensional Physics Model, first proposed in their 1989 paper, “The Message of Cydonia.” The new paper, titled “Does a Spin Orbit Coupling Between the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle?” points out a resonant, synchronized relationship between the Sun’s periodic peak sunspot cycles and the orbital positions of the Jovian planets — Jupiter and Saturn. Careful readers of Dark Mission will note that this exact relationship, is both implicitly and explicitly predicted in Chapter 2 of our book.

2-6-2013 Comment

(my own comment here: as time goes on I hear about Hoagland & Maxwell being big time dis info agents – so I am wary of them : but at the time I was very interested & had just read Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland & I wanted to trust him.  Why Deceive Us and How if so, is it because of their freemason background & are they allied with the Shadow Government? my questions still…