Monthly Archives: January 2013


Once there was a flock of birds.
Two of them found each other.
They found they liked each other,
And comforted each other from hurts in a past parting,
Reveled in this companionship when they’d felt alone
And warmed each others cold bodies.
For awhile, they enjoyed flying together
They raised stunning young ones.
After the fledglings left the nest, it was just the two of them again
As they took off for their yearly migration to the south
These two got tangled
in some random debris.
At first it kept them close, and they continued on that way
tangled up but still able to maneuver.
But then,
they began struggling, they wanted to
stretch their wings fully again
and couldn’t.
The more they struggled
the tighter they were wrapped.
They began falling, hitting other birds
damaging them too.
They turned and twisted, trying to unknot the knots.
Spinning wildly, descending faster and faster
They fell into a giant Sequoia tree.
They were quiet for awhile – shaken badly.
Still at last, they were able to figure this out.
They spent some time managing to untie the knots,
cutting themselves free
from the entanglement.
Finally, they succeeded
after so long, able to stretch their wings.
It was exhilarating.
They could soar again.
They had different ideas now,
of where they wanted to go,
with the flock so far ahead.
He decided to go back home.
He longed for it, to go back
to what he was familiar with and loved dearly.
He found his way home heading due North.
She chose to go in a new direction, East, uncharted territory
to explore places she’d never been.
She’d always been an adventurer, drawn to things unknown to
this breed of bird.
So off into the wild blue yonder they flew
to pursue their own dreams.
Each one grateful to be free
But yet also content to have learned many things
in this union.
To have been together to raise such beautiful chicks!
This is a story with TWo happy endings.