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Gaia Foundation

Gaia Foundation. a great resource for a clean world – increasing seed diversity – true cost of tech – support of Big Agric & the Biotech “food”” is at the detriment of the rest of the farmers and us the people who eat the final product.  This site is for those that love Mother Earth & the organic food she produces, and know there’s a better future than the artificial and machine world that’s planned for us


▶ The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio – YouTube

▶ The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio – YouTube.  i just went deeper into the matrix – now i am going to watch 2 & 3 : let’s not turn into a “machine world”  uhg

▶ Conspiracy Against Our Health – Wil Spencer The justBernard Show – YouTube

▶ Conspiracy Against Our Health – Wil Spencer The justBernard Show – YouTube. this is so good – a great overview of our food & supplements .  We have to use discretion & read labels more than ever with new laws against healthy products,  Codex alimentarius is having it’s way with us. Ban the natural coconut & citrus & they replace them with gmo. No wonder i don’t see the citrus trees in backyards in CA & AZ anymore- i guess it’s illegal now.  Help, i skip the meat,  big box vitamins, corn -terrible it’s  classified as a pesticide, compromised soy & grains (think infertility young people) What’s left for me to eat?  i’m tending to raw now & grown in a greenhouse foods.  The cream & curd of our food goes to the elite and we get the whey – just as it happened with the ruling class of the 1400’s !  I’m used to being told to bury my head & ignore this stuff don’t look at “bad” news as we can’t change anything,  But sorry guys it’s not my nature!!  I don’t run from the truth ; i face it – it won’t change in 2014 either.  Even if i stand alone physically ; i stand united with a beautiful clear minded pure hearted caring ever growing group of humanitarian souls and my spirit is united with them.  PS don’t be so hard on the germs… they can be our friends in need!

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding. – “This disease or fungus, which on the people work, from which is derived a potion-stimulates the contractions of a birthing of a new world.”  – a riddle for you !  What disease (or parasite?) is being referred to? What is the potion derived from the fungus? that stimulates contractions? What is the new world you would envision? What does it mean by contractions, when birthing a world!?  well, somehow i just wanted to put that intriguing quote down, and this article seemed to be a good place to find clues….