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Nibiru, The Koran, The Vatican & Obama | Tribulation-Now

Nibiru, The Koran, The Vatican & Obama | Tribulation-Now.  so many dots connected from every direction; people are so amazing when they do this; I have been extremely curious as to why there is such derision, ridicule, rolling of eyes and even anger and hatred when the Christian God and Jesus are spoken of or even mentioned.  I have found precious few i can discuss these things with around me, but through research am finding a wealth of info to mull over in my own mind.  Believe me, my life is changing quickly…. these videos are from others that are exploring down the same narrow alleys that i have been compelled to go


LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind

LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind. Is this in any mainstream? Ukraine situation, the British (brutish) Empire (USA) desiring takeover of & installation of Western economy into Ukraine which would result in thermonuclear war by March, if US decides to go up against Russia and invades Ukraine.  Also China on the moon to mine Helium 3? this is the crux of the new paradigm….  new physics and real science.  Delving further into Bach and the thinking mind;  deliberate dumbing down of society thru education entertainment Music. Mozart, Shakespear and Einstein …  how the death of Brahams was the end of real progressive science.  Why Pop music not good, nor mathematics… limiting the brain. Know what you can do now to strengthen the brain, evolve recognize that time and space are NOT linear and they cannot be measured that way.

Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha

Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha. wow – Rudolf Steiner is amazing.  I have put this on the back burner for so long, and am now listening to the whole lecture series; as i have never found the perfect church for me, i am finding out for myself about the bible and God and Jesus & spirituality  I always come back to Rudolf,  i explore far & wide from science, free energy, et’s to gnostics to the eastern beliefs to new age & the (many) various Christian views, check out every angle, and then i feel like i’m coming home when i listen to Mr. Steiner again.  I get his 100 year old style now, it’s amazing how pertinent all of this is today if you are exploring beyond the material plane