Welcome to Sananda Maitreya’s official website!

Welcome to Sananda Maitreya’s official website!. gosh – this is funnily  interesting; came across while i was looking into supposed Christ like beings and possible anti Christ figures as Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair , freemason wonderboy.   In general i am intrigued by the Lucifer aligned Satan Devil Caligastia Daligastia type personalities around at this time.  Those new age characters that will bring in the NWO archon (imperfect beings without souls) ruled type planet.  Not that i’m against coming together as humans to have a better world, but i will say No to any more self selected elite who have sold their souls for money, control, power and work that all on earth would sell their souls to them.

Anyway – i love to think that this is the blog of (who many think is the anti Christ & Sananda as another vessel of evil) Maitreya, he who has a sense of humor even.


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