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THE DAEMONOLOGIE BY KING JAMES.  I did not give King James enough credit for the amazing man he was ; and the achievement of the most reliable translation of the Bible that you can find in English; he did this against the most incredible odds, holding on to his faith in God (and his life) in spite of the devilish tricks of the Rosicrucian, Roman catholics, heretics & gnostics of all sorts and just plain satan.  If you can appreciate this very old style language and decipher it; you have an arsenal to protect yourself from demons tricks!  I never realized how much i owe to this one special king and his appointed team of amazing men who gave us the inspired enduring  1611 King James Version Bible – it has become the most important book i have: and it is exciting to discover that King James also wrote other important things, this my latest intriguing discovery!

The White Hats Report

The White Hats Report.  Long, long awaited information regarding Report #48 :will it ever be relieased?   On a bright sunny day, it’s hard to imagine that any of this stuff could be true, living our busy daily lives, trying to make ends barely meet.  No one wants to learn these dark things: –  but how can we so totally absolutely ignore all of this?  i know i’m so jaded at this point by peoples apathy with what’s happening in this world around us…   None Dare Call It Conspiracy STill!  (except those few who continue to dare point it out & then are targets to silence) and so it is just allowed by us, very politely and politically correctedly, to continue and worsen through the decades and decades and centuries…..