THE DAEMONOLOGIE BY KING JAMES.  I did not give King James enough credit for the amazing man he was ; and the achievement of the most reliable translation of the Bible that you can find in English; he did this against the most incredible odds, holding on to his faith in God (and his life) in spite of the devilish tricks of the Rosicrucian, Roman catholics, heretics & gnostics of all sorts and just plain satan.  If you can appreciate this very old style language and decipher it; you have an arsenal to protect yourself from demons tricks!  I never realized how much i owe to this one special king and his appointed team of amazing men who gave us the inspired enduring  1611 King James Version Bible – it has become the most important book i have: and it is exciting to discover that King James also wrote other important things, this my latest intriguing discovery!


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