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Compilation of written comments FINAL.xls – Compilation.pdf

Compilation of written comments FINAL.xls – Compilation.pdf. Many residents of Snohomish county are saddened at the loss of what used to be a beautiful area with rural appeal and farmland that could have sustained the population with its food production. The greedy developers have the upper hand now, and seem to overturn any regulations that stand in their way.  The cluster housing built after mowing down the last stands of trees are plain ugly.  The loss of rural area to any builders whim is a loss to all the residents in the county.  Obviously the developers bottom line is pure profit, cheap housing – whoever is designing these places has NO sense of aesthetics – i assume real architects (i wouldn’t admit to the “design” of the atrocities) aren’t even involved in the building or planning process; must just be computer generated plans or something! But the developers, builders, erect and GO; they don’t have to live here – i’m sure they run back to their beautiful rural mansions and leave their slipshod work behind. Sorry but it’s the truth – Snohomish county has gone downhill quickly in the last 8 years and at this rate (the clearcutting of forest, cluster developments and concrete jungle mall and big box stores just keeps going faster!) there will be nothing appealing left in this county at all, at least i will be in a county with a better sense of what the residents want and need, rather than catering to the greediness and cheapness of big business and uncaring developers that run the show here.