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Genetics Research — A Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?

Genetics Research — A Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?.  very interesting: our environment determines many factors of our health more than our genetic makeup: this should be very encouraging to us as we aren’t stuck with cancer, autism, Alzheimers, asthma etc. by the genes we inherited as much as what we are exposed to and what we ingest.  It’s when we lose control over our environment (the food we ingest and our surroundings) that our fate is in the hands of others.


Cell Phone Dangers

Cell Phone Dangers. good fyi ; and then use the phones that emit a lower radiation rate, but if your phone is not picking up a signal don’t use it if possible as when it’s trying to pick up a weak  signal it increases it’s radiowave energy….the RF waves are highest when connecting. Also try to avoid use while traveling.  Going from tower to tower and reconnecting each time will expose you to higher levels of radiation.  Don’t carry on body – carry at least 1 inch away (according to ipod and blackberry instruction booklets.

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge. As the whole world seems to be aligning against Israel, i seem to be having trouble finding Israel’s point of view.  The frightful tactics Hamas uses (to the detriment of their own people, of civilians, of children) are red flags of a truly savage military.   I am finding that Israel is a much more humane and sane fighting machine – they are truly fighting terrorists. And Operation Protective Edge is one example of how they proceed to defend their country with heart…. don’t let the media fool you