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Basic Exercise Guide for Seniors and the Infirm

Falls are the most common cause of injuries among seniors, so improving their balance and coordination with exercises can help reduce their risk of falling.

Source: Basic Exercise Guide for Seniors and the Infirm

I’m posting this because this is how both of my grandmothers & and my Great aunt Belle died, from a fall and resulting injuries.  So for anyone that wants to give their parents or grandparents a bit of extra insurance against these kinds of incidents, go ahead and give them this article : it could even save their lives;


Janet Travell, MD

This should ALways be looked into before ANy back or neck surgery – amazing that so few people know about this woman and that Trigger point therapy isn’t in EVeryone’s arsenal of attack on pain. Ten years ago this is how i fixed my frozen shoulder – i am rediscovering this life changing book for my latest lower back injury….and it’s painful and slow compared to taking a pill and masking the pain & injury, BUT i am faithfully working through this book and healing yet again!  Just wanted to share a life saving discovery

Janet Travell is generally recognized as the leading pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain.

Source: Janet Travell, MD