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Haggen Sues Albertsons for Damages | Haggen Northwest Fresh

Source: Haggen Sues Albertsons for Damages | Haggen Northwest Fresh  


This is a horrific story of how Albertson’s deliberately in a calculated and corrupt manner tried to destroy Haggen’s entry into the grocery store market as a valid competitor to the Albertsons-Safeway comglomerate that is now the biggest grocery monopoly in the US.  It is pure sabotage.  I really hope they win this lawsuit.  For my part, I will shop at Haggen’s and never again at Albertson’s  (or Safeway for that matter).   They have plenty of business without me supporting them anyway!

FDA Campaign Against Raw Milk Cheese

The FDA’s “risk assessment” reveals that most, of a very few number to begin with, illnesses from cheese came from PASTEUrized cheese! And none of the supposed illnesses was documented ; so mostly it speaks of hypothetical risks determined from THEIR risk model

The FDA campaign against raw milk got a boost when the agency released a 177-page risk assessment.

Source: FDA Campaign Against Raw Milk Cheese