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Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled

I watched a travel foodie show where the cook viisited Argentina- known in the food world for their excellent meats. He was expecting to see heads of cattle grazing the ranchlands &to film some colorful Argentine cowboys.  But more common nowdays is the CAFO experience : he visited with the managers of the new style of mass production gmo fed cattle and toured the operations, and, in the end, got to participate in the old traditional  cowboy style of cattle ranching,  These few ranchers are still trying to preserve the lifestyle of previous generations.  They also believe that the quality of the beef they derive is much superior in taste and nutrition. Not to mention the quality of life if you care about the animals themselves.  Cattle can also benefit the environment around them as did the bison on the long gone prairies of the Midwest,,,

Residents of Malvinas, Argentina, have forced a half-completed Monsanto GMO seed facility to be dismantled after protesting for three years.

Source: Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled


Dairy Marketing vs. Reality

The great divide between the well-marketed image of Vermont dairy farming and its stark and toxic realities is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The marketing shows healthy cows grazing on lush pastures. But the reality is cows on concrete, being fed a diet of GMO-corn and the toxic residues from the hundreds of thousands of pounds of herbicides sprayed annually on the corn and hay fields.

Source: Dairy Marketing vs. Reality

Toxic pesticides being sprayed on airline passengers | NaturalHealth365

(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that pesticides are being deliberately sprayed on passengers during flights? Discover the truth before your next flight.

Source: Toxic pesticides being sprayed on airline passengers | NaturalHealth365

Statement from Stephen McDonnell, Founder, Applegate – Applegate

This is reassuring;  although the announcement that Hormel has bought Applegate  – meat products – might make you think that everything healthful and humane about this company might go downhill, in this press release we are being informed that they will continue offering antibiotic free, humanly raised meat products,  and IN ADDITION that they will soon be completely be GMO free AND that their animals will only be fed gmo free feed.  Wow! that does not happen with many meats ; unless you go to your friendly local butcher who can guarantee that he is providing only pastured meat, and that the farmers are only feeding them organic grains.   Thank you Applegate Farms.

Source: Statement from Stephen McDonnell, Founder, Applegate – Applegate