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World Hunger: Ten Myths : Food First

This is a great article from a book by Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins that blasts common myths regarding world hunger:

We are led to believe that there is “too little food” for “too many people” – when we live in a day and age where there is an abundance of food, but it is our political systems and the oligopolies (a few global companies that control a huge market share)  that have grown to dominate the “food scene” that don’t allow the food to be grown and distributed where they can benefit the hungry.  The industrialization of agriculture has not helped but has been a detriment to both the environment & to those societies that have had their lands taken from them to mass produce poor quality food/feed/fuel  that only benefits these large private interests .; and has really created a “hunger from plenty” situation – By removing the power of private wealth from the equation and letting the farmers themselves practice common sense agroecology; – only then, with true democracy at play, can we “feed the hungry” along with fixing the environment, (and even societies) that have been destroyed by this oligopolistic system.

In this Backgrounder we encapsulate 40 years of learning and in-depth new research to reframe ten such ways of thinking explored in our latest book World Hunger: 10 Myths.

Source: World Hunger: Ten Myths : Food First

Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF – AGRA Watch

This monstrosity just keeps getting larger and larger…or thanks to organizations like AGRA Watch (you rock) we just keep seeing more and more of it!!

In light of the recent media spotlight on the Clinton Foundation, AGRA Watch investigated the relationship among the Clinton Foundation, AGRA, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Source: Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF – AGRA Watch

Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch

This article laid out connections about the going-ons of the “Green Revolution” that is pushing its way into Africa under the guise of sustainability.  AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is funded by the Gates Foundation and Monsanto (i’ve known they were in bed together for a long time)  but up popped a Rockefeller foundation interest (no real surprise) and how the US government funds these ventures through the USAID and the Casey-Lugar Global Food Security act.   This article written in 2010 sets up the new ties in the next post about a newly revealed player, the Clinton Foundation….

For more on the connections between Monsanto and the Gates Foundation, check out this article from Food First: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? The Emperor’s New GMOs August 26, 2010 By Eri…

Source: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch

Something is Very Wrong

MSM would never print this.  It really is the Twilight Zone, the stories they run…

Something is Very Wrong, evil, Clinton Foundation, Seth Rich, Vince Foster, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Margaret Sanger, Washington Beltway, Muslim terrorist, Orlando mass shooter, Hillary Clinton

Source: Something is Very Wrong

Healing Teeth Naturally – How You Can Support This Free Humanitarian Site in Easy Ways

Healing Teeth Naturally: How You Can Support This Free Humanitarian Site in Easy Ways.

Source: Healing Teeth Naturally – How You Can Support This Free Humanitarian Site in Easy Ways