Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch

This article laid out connections about the going-ons of the “Green Revolution” that is pushing its way into Africa under the guise of sustainability.  AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is funded by the Gates Foundation and Monsanto (i’ve known they were in bed together for a long time)  but up popped a Rockefeller foundation interest (no real surprise) and how the US government funds these ventures through the USAID and the Casey-Lugar Global Food Security act.   This article written in 2010 sets up the new ties in the next post about a newly revealed player, the Clinton Foundation….

For more on the connections between Monsanto and the Gates Foundation, check out this article from Food First: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? The Emperor’s New GMOs August 26, 2010 By Eri…

Source: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch


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