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Debunking ‘Alternative Facts’ About Pesticides and Organic Farming

Debunking the propaganda about organic food, and how it can’t feed the world.  It can  through the use of biodiversity, permaculture, growing the appropriate foods for each unique biosphere-and how to adapt your crop to your environment; and feed the soil, earth, beneficial insects & mycelium, the animals, and so we will have healthier bodies, and spend less on healthcare- as a whole country. Which is beneficial to us;  but not to the producers of toxic chemicals, seeds and food.  Who pollute the whole planet underfoot as they plan & labor to grow product with long shelf life, capable of being shipped long distances, with the highest profit margin, that will dominate the marketplace squelching out competition, that will make us sick.  Good,  then we turn to their brother & utilize Big Pharma’s products and services.  Good riddance to all of them, they don’t work.  Time to bring in the Commonsense Era !

“When you compare organic versus conventional food, it is absolutely inarguable that organic food reduces dietary exposure to pesticides by 98 percent.”

Source: Debunking ‘Alternative Facts’ About Pesticides and Organic Farming

3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the Brain –

There has been a dramatic increase in neurological diseases linked to aluminum toxicity. The blood brain barrier doesn’t stop aluminum’s intrusion into our gray matter. Aluminum accumulates and remains in tissue that doesn’t have a rapid cellular turnover. Apoptosis is the natural cell death and replacement process that occurs throughout the body, excluding cancer cells. Cancer cells keep reproducing and colonizing into tumors unless apoptosis is introduced or the cells are outright killed from chemical compounds, both natural and synthetic.

Source: 3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the Brain –

India Bans Bill & Melinda Gates’ Vaccine Program Over Big-Pharma Fears

India is banning the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation vaccine program over fears of undue influence by pharmaceutical-company donors.

Source: India Bans Bill & Melinda Gates’ Vaccine Program Over Big-Pharma Fears

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, National Press Club Conference, 2/15/17 – YouTube

This is good, but, ck out the  first comment under this youtube.  It should NOT be all about thimerosal and autism; because there are so many other ingredients in these shots that may cause problems in children, AND adults.  And we don’t want a grand study that compares just thimerosal and non-thimerosal vaccines.  Are vaccines, especially in the quantities that we inject into our kids, all  necessary?  In my opinion it compromises our own immune system, and I would prefer to buff up the body the way nature (or God) designed it.  I value my choice in the  matter, and we can’t lose sight of that human right either.

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

Media sources focus on Trump and Kennedy’s alleged contact with Wakefield, whose study links the MMR vaccine to autism, retracted after generating controversy.

Source: Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

*I’m not republican or democrat,  I see the good and bad in both.  I see the immense amount of damage that industry and the large greedy, reckless corporations do to our environment.  But I don’t like having the big government producing millions of regulations to control them, that stifle businesses that are more ethical and ecologically sound.  Any business should be wholly responsible for their toxic waste and destruction of our environs – and common sense dictates that you plan ahead and figure out how to avoid the toxic waste and pollution in the first place!!  Our tax dollars should never have to go to clean up their messes.  And why can’t industry be REQuired to plan for things that could go wrong -like the Horizon oil rig exploding on the Gulf with NO SAFETY PLAN  in place- BP running around like chickens with heads cut off trying to gerry rig, plug and then dump toxic gmo bacteria that was worse than the oil itself into the water.  Pure idiocy and devastating to human health and all life.”


Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” by Jon Rappoport January 30, 2017 As I was looking into what Trump will do and won’t do to pres…

Source: Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog