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The Dire Straits Diaries – Part 3:  A Fearful Master

eloquently written by Diane Harvey

What has happened to our constitution,  has it been “put away” by a fearful master?   Although this article was written in November 2001, I feel that it holds just as true today, even more so as time goes on.  It punched me in the gut.

I want my children to know that our Constitution was meant to make our government a servant , if sometimes a troublesome one,  carrying out the will of We The People.  Our forefathers warned us of our responsibility; that without due care, caution and attention on the part of the people,  it could turn on us and become A Fearful Master (or I might say Monster).





▶ Full: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – YouTube

▶ Full: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – YouTube.

Wow – i can’t believe i found a movie of my old old friend, an old book from the 1600’s well known in previous days, of the journey of a man called Christian and certain companions, to the Kingdom of God!  This is really true to the book, like it’s being read to you!

Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha

Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha. wow – Rudolf Steiner is amazing.  I have put this on the back burner for so long, and am now listening to the whole lecture series; as i have never found the perfect church for me, i am finding out for myself about the bible and God and Jesus & spirituality  I always come back to Rudolf,  i explore far & wide from science, free energy, et’s to gnostics to the eastern beliefs to new age & the (many) various Christian views, check out every angle, and then i feel like i’m coming home when i listen to Mr. Steiner again.  I get his 100 year old style now, it’s amazing how pertinent all of this is today if you are exploring beyond the material plane

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding. – “This disease or fungus, which on the people work, from which is derived a potion-stimulates the contractions of a birthing of a new world.”  – a riddle for you !  What disease (or parasite?) is being referred to? What is the potion derived from the fungus? that stimulates contractions? What is the new world you would envision? What does it mean by contractions, when birthing a world!?  well, somehow i just wanted to put that intriguing quote down, and this article seemed to be a good place to find clues….