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Wargasm – YouTube

Wargasm – YouTube. Snordsters’ back ; not for the tender ear ed & reeks of poetic sarcasm sadly which i like when it’s the truth … if it’s the only way to relay truth


▶ Freeman Fly ‘The Celestine Wars’ the Freeman Perspective – YouTube

▶ Freeman Fly ‘The Celestine Wars’ the Freeman Perspective – YouTube. looking at STAR WARS – what did George Lucas really know about the powers behind the politicians, the real life dramas. Here Freeman digs into analyzing the STar WARs saga and how it is more than coincidental, when you know our deeper history. one bit – did you know that one of Saturns moons is a dead ringer for the DEath Star ?  seriously discovered 10 yrs ago ck it out

He looks into many subjects, which, somehow,  for some reason our society tells us,  we are supposed to understand are taboo.  Now doesn’t that make them even more intriguing to some of us anyway?  We are shown (rather than told) in many ways through movies, tv, advertising, science fiction, the sigals & symbols of old Egypt permeating the core of our culture – even to how our cities are modeled by freemasons who always seem to be at the bottom of everything and every bank & global corporate entity that controls and runs the world.