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Bill Gates has pledged an additional $35 million to fund gene drive research. The research aims to eradicate malaria with the genetic engineering of the mosquitoes responsible for its spread. DOUBLING DOWN Target Malaria, a project funded by Bill Gates, plans to put an end to malaria with the aid of CRISPR gene modification. The research […]

via Bill Gates Funds Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Wipe Out Malaria. — Q+++

Check out the murder of the anti-GMO activist in Florida who was recently found dead in her pool… she ‘d been very vocal about releasing these mosquitos into our environment.  They know nothing of what the consequences will be, mad scientists shouldn’t be allowed to play with our lives.


Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild | New Eastern Outlook

*This is a scary bedtime story:  The artificially created microorganism that was unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico called Cynthia (Corexit?) has mutated into something that feeds on organic lifeforms (as birds, fish & humans); now catching a ride on the Gulf stream to Europe (think the beaches of France, Italy, Greece).  And these genetic engineering firms (Synthetic Genomics Inc & J. Craig Venter Institute) still go on with their biological experiments, though they were supposed to be banned in 2001.  The US seems to give them a no holds barred status to make our worst nightmares come true….*

The reports about tests on human beings that are being routinely carried out by certain Western corporations have become a sort of a trend these days. Among others, one can recall the story about the long struggle between civil…

Source: Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild | New Eastern Outlook

Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF – AGRA Watch

This monstrosity just keeps getting larger and larger…or thanks to organizations like AGRA Watch (you rock) we just keep seeing more and more of it!!

In light of the recent media spotlight on the Clinton Foundation, AGRA Watch investigated the relationship among the Clinton Foundation, AGRA, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Source: Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF – AGRA Watch

OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

July 9, 2016 A Dark Time in US history

Such a Dark dark time in the USA as Monsanto,  the GMA, the biotech & chemical food industry, the USDA & the politicians & our govt have forced the DARK act upon  we the people.  Not only have we been sold out by the politicians, but by Whole Foods, the Organic Trade Assoc., and many “organic” companies that are only there to exploit the consumer for financial gain.  The chart shows who really owns many organic food companies.   This is going to be an extremely difficult challenge to “eat clean” ;  luckily I just don’t eat much- lots of fasting ;  Hey, I’ll look on the bright side,  cutting calories will be easier than ever!

Source: OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

Side Effects of Long-Term Pesticide Exposure

Includes list of 5 foods to always buy organic and 5 lower risk crops; good introductory article if you aren’t familiar with the risks of chemical agriculture and current methods being used worldwide to grow crops…

Long-term exposure to pesticides has been linked to infertility, birth defects, endocrine disruption, neurological disorders, cancer and more.

Source: Side Effects of Long-Term Pesticide Exposure

Pro-GMO campaign exploits Nobel laureates to attack Greenpeace and fool the people

The letter (propaganda) referred to,  originating from the website,  is highly questionable in the fact that those who signed it are not by any means any kind of experts in the field of agriculture and that there is a definite conflict of interest with those  that authored it (they are tightly bound to the biotech industry and have much to gain financially by getting this questionable rice to the field)  As usual , there is huge money involved to get these GE crops into the fields and marketplace;  completely unregulated and with no evidence at all that they are safe.

Greenpeace is being criticized for blocking GMO golden rice – even though the crop is years away from being ready, reports Claire Robinson

Source: Pro-GMO campaign exploits Nobel laureates to attack Greenpeace and fool the people