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Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch

This article laid out connections about the going-ons of the “Green Revolution” that is pushing its way into Africa under the guise of sustainability.  AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is funded by the Gates Foundation and Monsanto (i’ve known they were in bed together for a long time)  but up popped a Rockefeller foundation interest (no real surprise) and how the US government funds these ventures through the USAID and the Casey-Lugar Global Food Security act.   This article written in 2010 sets up the new ties in the next post about a newly revealed player, the Clinton Foundation….

For more on the connections between Monsanto and the Gates Foundation, check out this article from Food First: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? The Emperor’s New GMOs August 26, 2010 By Eri…

Source: Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch


Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled

I watched a travel foodie show where the cook viisited Argentina- known in the food world for their excellent meats. He was expecting to see heads of cattle grazing the ranchlands &to film some colorful Argentine cowboys.  But more common nowdays is the CAFO experience : he visited with the managers of the new style of mass production gmo fed cattle and toured the operations, and, in the end, got to participate in the old traditional  cowboy style of cattle ranching,  These few ranchers are still trying to preserve the lifestyle of previous generations.  They also believe that the quality of the beef they derive is much superior in taste and nutrition. Not to mention the quality of life if you care about the animals themselves.  Cattle can also benefit the environment around them as did the bison on the long gone prairies of the Midwest,,,

Residents of Malvinas, Argentina, have forced a half-completed Monsanto GMO seed facility to be dismantled after protesting for three years.

Source: Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled

OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

July 9, 2016 A Dark Time in US history

Such a Dark dark time in the USA as Monsanto,  the GMA, the biotech & chemical food industry, the USDA & the politicians & our govt have forced the DARK act upon  we the people.  Not only have we been sold out by the politicians, but by Whole Foods, the Organic Trade Assoc., and many “organic” companies that are only there to exploit the consumer for financial gain.  The chart shows who really owns many organic food companies.   This is going to be an extremely difficult challenge to “eat clean” ;  luckily I just don’t eat much- lots of fasting ;  Hey, I’ll look on the bright side,  cutting calories will be easier than ever!

Source: OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

Side Effects of Long-Term Pesticide Exposure

Includes list of 5 foods to always buy organic and 5 lower risk crops; good introductory article if you aren’t familiar with the risks of chemical agriculture and current methods being used worldwide to grow crops…

Long-term exposure to pesticides has been linked to infertility, birth defects, endocrine disruption, neurological disorders, cancer and more.

Source: Side Effects of Long-Term Pesticide Exposure

The Undercurrent: why are we being fed by a poison expert? Monsanto and Roundup

Just the lowdown on how  chemical poison giant Monsanto  mutated to being   America’s major seed supplier/agricultural goliath/food producer ; funny yet sad as to how in your face unethical (i would venture to murderous) these giant globalists are; insane

The Undercurrent delves into the world of mass agriculture to ask how one company has such control over food supply. The name Monsanto was once synonymous with Agent Orange, but today it’s the dominance of the widespread herbicide Roundup which helps keep the company on top. (Time 5:14)

Source: The Undercurrent: why are we being fed by a poison expert? Monsanto and Roundup

Gaia Foundation

Gaia Foundation. a great resource for a clean world – increasing seed diversity – true cost of tech – support of Big Agric & the Biotech “food”” is at the detriment of the rest of the farmers and us the people who eat the final product.  This site is for those that love Mother Earth & the organic food she produces, and know there’s a better future than the artificial and machine world that’s planned for us