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Update: Dog’s Diet

Just want to note that Dingo is doing very well. I feed a raw meat diet with an = amount of veggies, usually. Today I fed 2 big chicken thighs and good oatmeal with blueberries and molasses that i overcooked yesterday. That is the only real grain he’s had so far. Yesterday, potatoes and squash puree complemented the raw scallops (Mike bought a bunch of cheap ones that cooked down to tiny balls) and 1/2 can of organic turkey petfood. It was messy and i even spoon fed it to him. If i sometimes feed him ground burger then it’s so that i can mix in certain things & hide them easier -but he’s not too picky. I always add my powdered chicken eggshells 1 tsp, dog vitamins for coat & skin, glucosamine, kelp, wheatgrass we grow, probiotics, burdock root & olive leaf and sometimes various other food or supplement as needed. He eats a lot of carrot (many times cooked to release vitamins) zucchini, butternut acorn or other squash, celery and some of our chickens eggs. Notably, he’s had NO soy, corn or wheat. A couple days ago his eyes cleared, leaked white milky fluid for 2 days -though he was still losing fur up to his face. Now it’s growing back soft and…. WHIte. Different from the black & white speckles he had. He’s not itching as bad but still wears the cone. He’s got bright brown eyes with only little white spots left on the lens? and a white face now with a black snout still. He’s gone on a few walks and up to chickens and garden with us. He is Feeling pretty good. Mike is toning down on the external treatments for his skin for awhile – i think it’s too rough on him until he detoxs on inside.

As for cats, they’ve happily changed to Orijen 6 Fish formula. We tried samples that the feed store gave us of EVO turkey & chicken, Innova Cat & Kitten food and Felidae chicken meal & rice (don’t like rice in this though) so they liked these better than grocery store brands but after they tried the Orijen there was no going back. This and mice sustains them.  We find that by shopping at small stores and local businesses we pay more but get more in the long run.  As I get older I am willing to pay more for quality and health and get by with less material things overall.