Websites, books, stores or tools coming soon.  This has been very difficult to find non – GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) or GM Genetically Modified/GE Genetically engineered/altered/Biotech/Bioengineered/Nano technologized, irradiated -however you want to put it – food that hasn’t been synthesized or tampered with or crossbred by or with man.  Food that was perfected by Mother Nature or God, in its original form or cross bred within its species by nature or by man to improve for his purposes.  Here I’ll document some places that have helped me to sort this all out. And keep up with the corporate food giants, Monsanto, Dupont etc and the goverment USDA, FDA, Dept of Agriculture even the EPA etc and what they’re doing.  This gets a bit complicated ; it can be researched through good websites. Here I will conveniently list for my own reference, companies I want to avoid supporting.  The Big 6 as they are known, are Monsanto the evil one, BASF Global The Chemical Co., Dow, DuPont, Syngenta and Bayer. These guys promote bad farming practices, extreme overuse of pesticides and herbicides are seriously polluting our farmland &  creating super weeds. There are at least 11 million acres of now useless American land ruined by these indestructible weeds.  They are the GM or biotech industry and they want us and the farmers dependent on their products. They are ruining farmers economically besides producing toxic and unhealthy produce.  They are the mad scientists doing more harm than good to our soil and atmosphere and resources; the list could go on & on. Farmers should learn organic & biodiverse principals & practice them and genetic engineers should NOT tamper with our food supply. We had a huge diversity of seed and these companies are gobbling it all up and restricting our access to seed; our basic need. If I have seed I can live. I can be independent and free from their dictate. I can eat my own healthy food.  If I eat theirs, more research is showing after more than a dozen years on the market, that I (and my pets BTW) will NOT be healthy, besides tasting awful & at the least bland.  Then I will need the doctors and drugs they develop & promote to “cure” us all.  Which they can’t because it’s the result of mutated unpredictable living organisms that cross plant, bacteria, virus, animal & fish barriers which could NEver possibly happen in nature, causing unknown problems in our digestive tracts & from there the rest of our bodies.  I constantly wonder, do these Monsanto Dupont Dow Bayer BASF Syngenta, Limagrain, Land O’ Lakes, KWS CEO’s, FDA & government employees that allow this synthetic, creepy  “food” into our food supply, farmers that grow these crops ; and powerfully rich who profit from this huge plan (like i’m sad to say our NW Bill & Melinda Gates & co foundation with AGRA) for the American (and the worlds) people, do they feed it to their children and parents, to their husbands and wives, to their beloved pets? Or do they sit down to a meal – vegetables & fruit picked from organic gardens, maybe from their own estate; of meat from healthy grass & organic grain fed animals; eggs from their own chickens or local eggs, raw milk & cheese, corn, wheat & other grain grown from old vanishing varieties of seed. Local honey gathered from bees that gather nectar from crops that we hope are GE free.  How do they eat? Maybe they should experience a wholesome healthy flavorful meal made from real food. It might change their mind. Or maybe they already do and just don’t care if the rest of us get to or not? (The Codex A. has been referred to as a Population Control plan- ck it out) Are they going to be successful in their quest to own & control the species of the earth through patents? They’ve already bought up the majority of the old seed companies & still are, right now in Africa. They want it for their own GMO breeding ground.  They sure do control and manipulate the supply of seeds, pesticides &  herbicides that farmers use. It seems that the farmers themselves have no say in what seed they can get.  Is it really all up to the Big 6 and the bioengineering firms as to what they can grow,  and is there really that much of a shortage of conventional seed?  Not really.  A farmer has seeds with every normal plant he grows, and every year plants produce tons of seed, & then he plants the best of those & soon has the plant perfectly adapted to his conditions.  I will grow soy, corn, rapeseed, squash, sugar beets and beans and will have lots of seeds to give away and share. Why doesn’t the government open up the seed banks that have those 11 or 12,000 seed varieties that have been jacked from the public? We need lots of different seeds for each different area where food is produced.  What NW Washington produces is different than what Arizona gardens will produce, right?  Diversity is Ok and helps protect the system. i think it’s the spice of life – & my gardens will reflect that.   food for thought and ttyl !

Films i’ve actually watched:  Future of Food & Food, Inc. both verified what I learned in my Master Herbalist course. Also now on net Aspartame Sweet Misery 1- 1/2 hrs & look at The Obama Deception almost 2 hr long but interesting…

Websites:     bountifulgardens    Grist on WordPress     safe-food/-consumer/shop.html ck out /underground-approaches-to-urban-development-commonstudio/


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