Lists: to keep you safe from the FDA

Update from 2012 :

At this point, so many new unidentified foods are coming onto the market that i can’t keep track. The most alarming are that Alfalfa (which is a primary animal feed for farms, and also is the smallest seed and is possible to spread incredible distances on the wind) has been approved and totally unregulated) and GE Salmon or frankenfish as it’s referred to by many. The first publicly discussed animal to be approved, although cows have been genetically engineered in China to produce human breast milk and pigs are being messed with if you track down the information. So just keep being aware of this, read labels, ask questions and do your research. The FDA won’t protect you, only YOU can protect yourself.

It’s kind of funny how people who have traveled to other countries, like Europe, see the labeling that is required on our American food “this product contains GMO xxx…” and when they buy it in another country; it might get them wondering “What is GMO?” (genetically modified organism) or “What is GE all about ?- then they learn about what’s been going on since the mid 1990’s starting with Dan Quayle and his legislation allowing the flow of genetically engineered “food”, vitamins, additives, preservatives also in body care & cosmetics and nano wrappings onto the market secretly without the public knowing a thing. With all the controversy around GE or genetically engineered salmon ; it’s making more of us in the U.S. aware of it than ever! We wonder “are they actually going to ALLOW this to happen?” & just as much a nightmare, that if it isn’t required to be labeled as a GM product – these lists are going to be more important than ever.  Letting this on the market would be terrible, then to be unmarked is a violation of our right to know as consumers what is actually In our food; Why is the government allowing this?  Now as of January 2011 – GE alfalfa & unregulated at that! I am so outraged as to what is happening in this country to pander to these powerful corporate interests that I want to run away & go somewhere safe.  But the Big 6 want to take over the food industry EVErywhere and push their unhealthy food on unknowing (which they are deliberately keeping us that way) people all over the world so they can profit mightily.  This is why I am becoming so ashamed of our country. It’s not right to push our sick Western diet on others all over the world.  Like Japan who used to be some of the most healthy eaters in the world, will be as sick as Americans soon with heart problems, diabetes, Alzheimers, high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, depressed immune systems that invite infections of all sorts including fungal (which we are the most fungally infested country in the world because of our diet) etc.  I am bound and determined that this government and powerful corporate businesses are not going to make me eat their idea of “food”.  Links to check out:  and  Center for Food Safety website and shopping guide and here’s a good article to ck into:     it’s scary and I really can’t believe it could really happen….  i’ll keep looking into it.  There are a growing number of companies are out there who believe in non GMO products and i think will prevail in the end, no matter what happens with government intervention on behalf of big business. Because this is just too important. I think of my parents health, and my kids who were weaned on GM food from the start during the 90’s – my kids are the guinea pigs for the biotech industry.  I hate that.  We can reverse the damage though, studies are showing that even with rats and the like raised till they’re 40 (equivalent in humans years -their half life; 80 being considered a full life), they can still reverse damage and be healthy later in life vs the ones whose diets were continued on GE food, who turned out very sickly in many ways if they did reach the equivalent of 80 human years.  So, I’m going to just give a few examples of my shopping lists.   For comprehensive lists go to and to

Juices, Dressing and Food bars safe from GMO’s:    samples of safe for the shopping list       365 Brand: Cranberry Juice Cocktail, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Garden Vegetable Medley  Annie’s Natural Dressings: Tuscany Italian and Smokey Tomato & Porcini –     Drew’s All Natural Dressings: Sesame & Lemon Ginger  Food Bars: Cliff and Luna !  For Babies: Gerber Dry Cereal, jars and Graduates

I avoid all products with just “sugar” in them (I just threw out 10 lbs of Albertson’s sugar which is probably from GM beets) and use C & H Cane sugar – organic if i can afford it.  I use alot of stevia – which takes getting used to.  Look at the array of stevia and agave and other sugar alternatives available.  I don’t use Truvia from CocoCola because they destroy the forests to plant massive stevia plantations, and we already have plenty of it from smaller businesses available.  There are all kinds of sugars at Asian markets or health food stores: experiment – i thought i couldn’t replace my cheap bags of store brand sugar. But look! they aren’t as refined like cane, palm (Gula Jawa) or Muscaovado or Demerara.  I love the darker more flavorful tastes.  I don’t use any processed product with corn, soy, cottonseed or cotton and canola. Even commercial domestic long grain rice has been contaminated, so I buy rice from other countries.  There are some good companies dedicated to being non gmo and I will list those for easy reference. Unfortunately there aren’t THat many yet.  But I’m happy that stores like Costco are stocking supplies of Non GMO Project companies and some good organic food. I have to check everything that says organic anymore, though.  If it’s less than 100% organic there is (or might start to be) a likely chance that that last bit does have GE elements. I guess just because of cross contamination we already have .5% allowable built in for humans and .9% tolerance for animals. Darn, got on this boat too late, and those huge biotech companies are pushing President Obama hard. Sugar beets, salmon and most easily spread GE alfalfa. Deregulated and Unlabeled. Are they holding his family hostage, or WTF is going on? Is he being brainwashed or drugged or hypnotized? They threaten Europe in Wikileaks; whole countries abroad! I guess they’ll do anything to protect their empire and future world empire.  We should be scared…

Here is a list of Food Additives that may be derived from Genetically Modified GM sources:     ascorbic acid/ascorbate (Vitamin C), cellulose, citric acid, cobalamin (B12), cyclodextrin, cystein, dextrin, dextrose, diacetyl, fructose (esp. crystalline fructose), glucose, glutamate, glutamic acid, gluten, glycerides (mono- and diglycerides), glycerol, glycerine, glycine, hemicellulose, hydrogenated starch hydrolates, hydrolyzed vegetable protein or starch, inositol, invert sugar or inverse syrup (also may be listed as inversol or colorose), lactic acid, lactoflavin, lecithin, levcine, lysine, maltose, maltitol, maltodextrin, mannitol, methycellulose, milo starch, modified food starch, monooleate, mono- and diglycerides, monosodium glutamate (MSG), oleic acid, phenylalanine, phytic acid, riboflavin (Vitamin B2), sorbitol, stearic acid, threonine, tocopherol (vitamin E), trehalose, xanthan gum and zein.     safe-food/-consumer/shop.html

These, and of course, corn syrup and all the corn derivatives and soy bean meals and countless variants, soy & cotton seed oils even “natural flavors”  are in breakfast cereals, gravy mixes, mayonnaise, chocolate, margarine, chips, biscuits, bread  …  It seems most every processed food and the list above will grow

Foods that have been genetically altered:     alfalfa,  zucchini,  yellow squash,  Quest tobacco, tomatoes, sweet corn,  & rice to be high in Vitamin A,  sugarcane (but lots of public outcry when attempted to introduce this)  in addition to of course, CORN, COTTON, RAPESEED/CANOLA, SOY  which several vitamins are derived from as C from corn, E from soy and A,B2,B6,B12,D and K may be also GE.  HONEY from Canada which bees have gathered extensively from genetically modified Double Zero Rapeseed renamed Canola. Europe won’t accept their honey, as its too contaminated.

Another list of food that has been GM’d don’t know if they are on our shelves or just have been done but…  barley,  bananas,  paw paw,  yeast,  carrots,  cauliflower,  coffee,  tomatoes,  chicory,  squash,  potatoes Atlantic russet Russet Norkatah and Shepody and in rennet used to make cheese!

Update: for 2011 – WAtch out for GE peaches coming this spring, eggplant from India or banana’s from Australia .  The eggplant in India has been having problems with toxicity already.


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