My Original Intent Gone Awry

I’d just like to write a page myself again, as this blog did start out to be a simple journaling of my organic journey. As it has turned out to be much much more difficult than i’d ever anticipated, I kind of gave up on that original idea. Because of things i didn’t realize -like (in the last 17 yrs) the incredible pervasiveness of genetically engineered ingredients in pet & people food, additives, vitamins, and nano’s too. And as it is becoming more common not less, i have had to become more an activist than a farmer.  Our own government is adding to the problem by creating terrible legislation that kills smaller organic minded farmers & food producers, by siding with huge corporate interest and wealthy hiding behind the scenes, by not allowing labeling of gmo & letting unregulated GE crops be grown. Also, the discovery of aerosol spraying or chemtrails has come not only to my attention but is thrown in my face every day – I CAN’t garden like i used to.  The soil is contaminated, the water too with many toxins dropped from the sky daily like aluminum, barium, mercury fungi gmo’s bacteria nanos & much more. The sun is literally blocked out with poison. Plants need sun as do people. We need vitamin D and they need sun for producing chlorophyll, for fruiting & flowering.  All i can do is clean & amend the soil best as i can, cover it with hoop houses or roofing and provide lots of artificial sun or grow in a greenhouse providing insects & more fake sun. The jets and planes are out working their buggery Asses off every moment. If a bit a blue sky peeps out – WHAm off goes a jet to fly vertically up into the hole.  When they start you can obviously see them having fun making crosses & grids and 90 turns & flying it seems from the ground vertically into space.  Later they fly behind the previous clouds not as obvious, twisting and turning and making dotted plumes, turning sprayers on & off creatively trying to make real looking clouds. They fly north and south along the western horizon and build massive cloud banks that soon move east with the prevailing wind (and help from doplar & haarp) and then stand guard I guess to fill any blue sky holes or to pump up thinning layers.  There are layers and layers of aerosol plumes built up to block the sun.  The pretty fluffy plumes grow massively (don’t mistake those for old style contrails which is condensation and very rare, i’ve only seen that a couple times in my life – condensation; condense; they don’t grow to fill the sky like chemtrails) The pretty white clouds change & later turn dark & create an ominous oppressive low ceiling made of  hazy black edged cloud, which sometimes appears to be dripping with watery soot.  Above that are the neverending white puffs of manmade clouds -sometimes ripply, bumpy and creating vast layers. Above them all are the busybody jets never tiring. Today I watched as i used my own puny concoction to chem bust. Every time a space opened up – along comes a jet (i usually don’t hear it) hurry hurry to patch it up. I watched this over & over. There seems no end to the number of times they can do this, all day even night. How much money could we save by stopping this madness? Billions or more i’m sure. It must take so many jets and planes equipment & manpower to do this, tho the cost of the toxic concoction is cheap, the rest of these operation Can’t be! And WE the taxpayers are paying to have them drop these toxins on us, I don’t care the reason -they’ll make an excuse for it saying it’s “for your own good” . It’s a crime against humanity. It’s certainly not for MY good; it is making it impossible to make a living and grow my own food without sun, and i’m always sick with a sore frog in my throat, chest ache or heaviness with shortness of breath, bloody or dry nose, trouble breathing & swallowing, headache, tired and irritable. Always when spraying and now spraying is constant. I’ve watched for a month very intently. And they are serious and determined.  So determined that i feel i am in the middle of a nightmare.  I watch them pound away,  killing the trees and crops, animals, birds fish &  i’m sure people.  I also watch people right next to me, refuse to look up. It happens in the sky right above their heads. I don’t understand. I just want to see the stars for an evening again and feel a day of sunshine on my skin and watch my plants and trees blossom with the suns energy. Smell fresh clean naturally perfumed air.  Enjoy natures gentle breeze.  We’ve created a monster; a long time in the making.  With Reagans trickle down failure of a theory, and he for the first time declaring no taxes on the rich and creating a huge deficit to right now Citizens vs United giving monopolies & giant corporation’s a voice and allowing them to spend massive amounts of money to buy advertisements and elections, to our President regularly appointing powerful positions in govt to those with close ties to huge monopolistic businesses (giant conflict of interest there) or creating tight corporate alliances with the government. Rich powerful people allowed to control media, create fake charities to front their operations (and hide their ever growing incomes) to manipulate us. In the end not for our gain but for theirs.  The 3 in bed together planning our fates.

So all this learned as the result of just wanting to blog about my little farm. And recipes. And documenting the birds that visit & when & how long they stay (but they’re gone – it’s too dark & toxic) here) If the clouds open for awhile, and the blue sky and sun shows – there are a few chickadees or juncos or a robin – and something sings. But when the sun is covered again, it is silent. Like the ever more sick looking trees up and down Highway 9 – all the way to Skagit county which always looks dark and smells bad.  I had been remarking the last couple years how not enough sun is getting to the earth the soil the plants. Not many things thrive anymore in spring and summer. Has this been the reason and i just looked down not even suspecting the reason was over my head in the obscured toxic skies? Nothing previously seems as tragic, the battle for organics was just trying to grow without herb or pesticides, is all. Not a battle trying to just hang on to a few special non gmo old and ancient seed varieties, having most of them taken from us by the Gates foundation and Monsanto and put in vaults in govt places or in Gates special impenetrable safe up north. Man, who really does he think he is? i know God. He is God. He will use Africa the way he sees fit, and Monsanto will groom & use the farmers & take their land. Anyway, and then grow the precious seeds – Didn’t think that would be such a fight either to get my soil and sun. Wish i had a say in all this climate control & geo engineering. As it is creating havoc around the world from dead sea life & mammals & forests to huge never before seen storms, hurricanes even the earthquakes i bet are connected with their weather play. Sad to say i don’t believe any of us do, or will for that matter have a say. It’s planned until 2025. Look it up & verify since most will scoff and call me a “conspiracy theorist” and worse.  Most people seem to accept the lot given to them with either not acknowledging the activites or just believing that you have to accept because there’s “nothing we can do”. Too bad i want better, that makes me a bad activist. There just aren’t enough of us to do any good, or make any real changes, are there? I can always hope…. for a brighter future ahead


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