Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, National Press Club Conference, 2/15/17 – YouTube

This is good, but, ck out the  first comment under this youtube.  It should NOT be all about thimerosal and autism; because there are so many other ingredients in these shots that may cause problems in children, AND adults.  And we don’t want a grand study that compares just thimerosal and non-thimerosal vaccines.  Are vaccines, especially in the quantities that we inject into our kids, all  necessary?  In my opinion it compromises our own immune system, and I would prefer to buff up the body the way nature (or God) designed it.  I value my choice in the  matter, and we can’t lose sight of that human right either.

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

Media sources focus on Trump and Kennedy’s alleged contact with Wakefield, whose study links the MMR vaccine to autism, retracted after generating controversy.

Source: Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

*I’m not republican or democrat,  I see the good and bad in both.  I see the immense amount of damage that industry and the large greedy, reckless corporations do to our environment.  But I don’t like having the big government producing millions of regulations to control them, that stifle businesses that are more ethical and ecologically sound.  Any business should be wholly responsible for their toxic waste and destruction of our environs – and common sense dictates that you plan ahead and figure out how to avoid the toxic waste and pollution in the first place!!  Our tax dollars should never have to go to clean up their messes.  And why can’t industry be REQuired to plan for things that could go wrong -like the Horizon oil rig exploding on the Gulf with NO SAFETY PLAN  in place- BP running around like chickens with heads cut off trying to gerry rig, plug and then dump toxic gmo bacteria that was worse than the oil itself into the water.  Pure idiocy and devastating to human health and all life.”


Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” by Jon Rappoport January 30, 2017 As I was looking into what Trump will do and won’t do to pres…

Source: Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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Find the best poultry guide.  This new site can help you avoid factory farmed chicken and eggs,  Did you know that 20 massive companies produce 96+% of the 8 billion chickens that Americans eat?  Pushing small farmers out of business, totally disregarding any idea that animal welfare matters to us, and considering that 80% of antibiotics go into animals that we eat- creating a dangerous health risk…  I want to avoid these guys at all costs.  I can deal locally, or use this guide to decipher claims (Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Heritage seem to be the only clear labels that mean anything.  We know “natural” or “cage-free” mean nothing)  ; and find the smaller farmer, the ones dedicated to raising their poultry in a healthy and humane way without polluting the environment and wasting vast amounts of water.  Let’s support them while they’re still around, and try to help them keep from getting swallowed up by the giants!

BuyingPoultry is a free independent buying guide that cuts through confusing labels and marketing claims and makes it easy to find the highest-welfare products near you. Search now!

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