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Debunking ‘Alternative Facts’ About Pesticides and Organic Farming

Debunking the propaganda about organic food, and how it can’t feed the world.  It can  through the use of biodiversity, permaculture, growing the appropriate foods for each unique biosphere-and how to adapt your crop to your environment; and feed the soil, earth, beneficial insects & mycelium, the animals, and so we will have healthier bodies, and spend less on healthcare- as a whole country. Which is beneficial to us;  but not to the producers of toxic chemicals, seeds and food.  Who pollute the whole planet underfoot as they plan & labor to grow product with long shelf life, capable of being shipped long distances, with the highest profit margin, that will dominate the marketplace squelching out competition, that will make us sick.  Good,  then we turn to their brother & utilize Big Pharma’s products and services.  Good riddance to all of them, they don’t work.  Time to bring in the Commonsense Era !

“When you compare organic versus conventional food, it is absolutely inarguable that organic food reduces dietary exposure to pesticides by 98 percent.”

Source: Debunking ‘Alternative Facts’ About Pesticides and Organic Farming


Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled

I watched a travel foodie show where the cook viisited Argentina- known in the food world for their excellent meats. He was expecting to see heads of cattle grazing the ranchlands &to film some colorful Argentine cowboys.  But more common nowdays is the CAFO experience : he visited with the managers of the new style of mass production gmo fed cattle and toured the operations, and, in the end, got to participate in the old traditional  cowboy style of cattle ranching,  These few ranchers are still trying to preserve the lifestyle of previous generations.  They also believe that the quality of the beef they derive is much superior in taste and nutrition. Not to mention the quality of life if you care about the animals themselves.  Cattle can also benefit the environment around them as did the bison on the long gone prairies of the Midwest,,,

Residents of Malvinas, Argentina, have forced a half-completed Monsanto GMO seed facility to be dismantled after protesting for three years.

Source: Town Unites and Forces Monsanto GMO Seed Facility to be Dismantled

OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

July 9, 2016 A Dark Time in US history

Such a Dark dark time in the USA as Monsanto,  the GMA, the biotech & chemical food industry, the USDA & the politicians & our govt have forced the DARK act upon  we the people.  Not only have we been sold out by the politicians, but by Whole Foods, the Organic Trade Assoc., and many “organic” companies that are only there to exploit the consumer for financial gain.  The chart shows who really owns many organic food companies.   This is going to be an extremely difficult challenge to “eat clean” ;  luckily I just don’t eat much- lots of fasting ;  Hey, I’ll look on the bright side,  cutting calories will be easier than ever!

Source: OrganicJan16 – Organic-chart-Jan-2016.pdf

Forbes (Forbes.com) – TruthWiki

The leader in lamestream mainstream: Forbes lies & promotes mad science that is destroying our environment and our bodies.

Forbes and Forbes.com are capitalistic media outlets that are privately held (by Forbes Inc.) and promote corporate America as a money-making enterprise, at any cost. Forbes was founded in 1917 by a financial columnist for the “Hearst” papers Bruce Charles Forbes, who’s motto then was that Forbes magazine is “The Capitalist Tool.” BC Forbes’ partner,  Full Article…

Source: Forbes (Forbes.com) – TruthWiki