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Genetically Engineered

SHE – Labeling GMOs with Phil Bereano, J.D. | Seattle Community Media

SHE – Labeling GMOs with Phil Bereano, J.D. | Seattle Community Media.


Watch out for…

1)All commercial pet food – i now believe in a raw food diet for pets after my experiences this last decade. Even my cats will switch from Iams which they do love but can’t trust any longer  2)Nano wrapping on organic products – compromises organic product
3)the words “Natural flavor” the divine right was given to these biotech giants to use these words for a GE fake flavoring:
Note: and it must take up alot of room. On my pet food it’s right after all the GE grain filler & before the GE fake vitamins B2 riboflavin and B6,B12 etc. And absorbic acid (Vitamin C) but usually this isn’t made in the US, so should be usually GE free. In rating the pet foods- one woman was reviewing every ingredient and couldn’t identify one called “natural flavor” & couldn’t get the company to respond to enlighten her further,  but I know why they don’t want to answer…somewhere else I found out what “natural flavor” is now and its certainly not organic or non gmo.  More on this soon.                                            4) If ingredient is just sugar and doesn’t identify it as organic or cane it’s probably GE sugar beet.  I just get good old C&H if I can’t get organic cane & use stevia a lot               5)Pet food companies cheating on the organic rule ; to be organic, a product must be 95% at least, organic and other 5% still has to be non gmo; I saw a company word a label on their “organic” pet food so that that last 5% may have genetically altered materials that are “tested to be similar or the same as its counterpart”, which I do not trust. The FDA lets untested dangerous drugs on the market – why trust them on this?  Watch out, are they going to do this to human food too? GE crop or seed raised “organically” & so are considered organic? NO-  won’t work for me.  Best bet is to buy 100% organic from trustworthy company assuring product will be non gmo.  If the FDA declares that there is no difference between GM food and natures food, which they seem to be under enormous pressure from the Big 6 to do, then we are losing alot of options, and ability to choose our food at that point. Apparently, the FDA feels it would just confuse us consumers too much if we had all that information! Condescending, huh? They just don’t want us to know, so that we all go happily along plucking their products off the shelf & paying hard earned money for cheap junk, trusting that it’s safe.   Well, it may be much more difficult to ferret out non-gmo foods – just skipping the grocery store entirely is my goal under those circumstances; there will be no way to guarantee that a product off the shelf is pure and free from GE cells; even with an organic label anymore. I will have to deal with companies whose business is strictly dedicated to being gmo free. We’ll keep watching this struggle between consumers and government agencies like the FDA in bed with big business. I have a feeling it’s just too much power to fight, but i’m not going to give it up, i just think of my kids and i’m ready to continue….

Celebrating Say No to GMO month – October

This is my quest; simply to “Go Organic” not just this month but as a lifestyle choice. But it is not so simple at all. I could go myriad directions from Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization and my journey in that direction, the Five Tibetans and new interest in yoga & the spiritual side of it all to the politics of legislation and keeping up with the Center for Food Safety site & all my political news to holistic interconnectedness of all things and herbalism and how to utilize those pesky dandelions, nettles, burdock & comfrey to your advantage.  I could just write about how crazy it is to quit smoking – probably part of the reason i’m doing a blog to keep from thinking on that. I think I’ll concentrate on the nuts and bolts of trying to find and prepare food.  Try to balance out the damage I’ve done to my body in the last decade or two.  Breaking my chips & diet Coke addiction. I was surprised to see how much i depended on processed foods w/corn, soy, cottonseed & canola GE foods.  Even homemade stuff was baking powder, cornstarch, refined flour and sugar. I was woefully unaware while raising my kids of what was going on out there in the world of corporate food.  So part of this is to raise my awareness of what goes into my food and what I consider safe. Too bad the bad stuff’s so cheap, feeding a family on a budget … OMG i bought huge bags of stuff. Thought i was doing well because i always had carrot celery sticks broccoli & lots of canned vegetables. Hot cereals for breakfast; but were they GE grains? At this point now, it’s all pervasive.

So far I have bought a cheap mill – it’s just 2 of us now so it’s reasonable to use in small quantities. I need to find a way to keep a supply of grain. I have a book coming on that, turning our grass area to grains,  but to find a local supply of organic chicken feed also. Scratch & Peck is a mill dedicated to that up north a ways. I’ll check them out.  That is another accomplishment. Fresh beautiful eggs from our hens (2) & 1 rooster unintended but he could make a nice chicken dinner one night.  He is a beautiful white Leghorn and we have a Welsumer and a black Java. I want two more Leghorn HENS.  They fertilize my garden, which is another project… a Three Sisters garden with squash, beans & corn.  We do get corn from a neighbor who uses no pesticides & grows heritage corn but wonders if the steer manure fertilizer might be from cows that ate GE hay from E WA.  Poor guy tries!  The hard part is going to the grocery store, so much reading. And is organic really organic? Natural is not usually natural after all..   OK better check chickens. Another project to build some sort of STURDY portable pen, so far they’ve been breaking out of my makeshift ones! Do not want to see them at the neighbors, even though they are cute.