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Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding. – “This disease or fungus, which on the people work, from which is derived a potion-stimulates the contractions of a birthing of a new world.”  – a riddle for you !  What disease (or parasite?) is being referred to? What is the potion derived from the fungus? that stimulates contractions? What is the new world you would envision? What does it mean by contractions, when birthing a world!?  well, somehow i just wanted to put that intriguing quote down, and this article seemed to be a good place to find clues….


Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers. lots & lots of research, essays & information

DHS insider update: “It has begun” « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network

DHS insider update: “It has begun” « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network.

The Matrix Deciphered

The Matrix Deciphered. Be aware of the pervasiveness of the mental controlled environment : this gets so deep. What are our shadow black op operations up to? Hive mentality is already real & all kinds of thought control & erasure, mind reading & torture, psychic phenomena (think ghosts & Bermuda triangle) alien abductions & more explained by our own black sciences invented half a century ago and now perfected & in play… its not only surveillance they’re up to, it’s much more

2011 October « Nutrientscure’s Blog

2011 October « Nutrientscure’s Blog. imagine/ free of drugs & meds’s /free of oil gas coal or uranium / free of corp stranglehold / the dawn of free will is what Allan DARMAN is heroically working for. We need to be aware, i am becoming so…