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Don’t Mess with the Corn: Lessons from Mexico’s Struggle against GMOs ‹ The Argentina Independent

This is a wonderful article.  I learned so much about the Mexican point of view – what  strong, vibrant, intelligent, determined, colorful and interesting, diverse peoples.  I understand so much more about what they are going through and their own struggles against the corporate seed/chemical giants (basically Dow / Dupont / Monsanto / Syngenta soon to be ChemChina ?)  BASF )  I feel terrible for them and all the other countries that are experiencing this force.  I feel so hopeless in the US, like we can never get our land back from these mega monsters;  I want to see them succeed – their courage,  outspokenness  and activism is awesome.

Soledad Barruti investigates what can be learnt from Mexico in its struggle against genetically-modified corn, and tells of the daily violence experienced by those on the frontline.

Source: Don’t Mess with the Corn: Lessons from Mexico’s Struggle against GMOs ‹ The Argentina Independent



The Dire Straits Diaries – Part 3:  A Fearful Master

eloquently written by Diane Harvey

What has happened to our constitution,  has it been “put away” by a fearful master?   Although this article was written in November 2001, I feel that it holds just as true today, even more so as time goes on.  It punched me in the gut.

I want my children to know that our Constitution was meant to make our government a servant , if sometimes a troublesome one,  carrying out the will of We The People.  Our forefathers warned us of our responsibility; that without due care, caution and attention on the part of the people,  it could turn on us and become A Fearful Master (or I might say Monster).




News Centre

Since I guess this might be the only news source covering this story – i’ll post it here – it’s  certainly important to Ontarioians.  The York Region and the Attorney General on behalf of the Ministry of Agric & Rural Affairs are trying to instill a blanket injunction on the production and distribution of any raw milk producer in Ontario.  Michael Schmidt has been fighting this battle for 22 years.  They seem determined to shut him,  and any “John Doe”  who are trying to provide raw milk to the people in that area, down.  How terribly sad, government gone wrong.  We are facing the same issue in America.

Source: News Centre

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding

Decolonizing Gaia: The Great Rewilding. – “This disease or fungus, which on the people work, from which is derived a potion-stimulates the contractions of a birthing of a new world.”  – a riddle for you !  What disease (or parasite?) is being referred to? What is the potion derived from the fungus? that stimulates contractions? What is the new world you would envision? What does it mean by contractions, when birthing a world!?  well, somehow i just wanted to put that intriguing quote down, and this article seemed to be a good place to find clues….

DHS insider update: “It has begun” « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network

DHS insider update: “It has begun” « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network.

The War Is Over… And We Won

The War Is Over… And We Won. ah yes, i like this point of view. The State is in it’s death throes…. is that why they’re throwing EVERYthing they’ve got at us – the Market?

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here’s Why!? |

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here’s Why!? |. scroll down the page and you will find so many goodies : read thru the District of Columbia Act of 1871 & how the united states for America turned into the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation and it all went wildly downhill from there. At that point the govt of the people working for the sovereign citizen turned the individual into a slave of the sovereign government ; be sure to ck the definition of Sovereign there.