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A Wealth of Information


This website is so full of information, updated daily:  I can’t even keep up or just select one article as most important.  So go look for yourself- and pick a few that catch your fancy!  It is very hard to find absolute truth out there, isn’t it?  You have to use your powers of discretion and even intuition if you trust yourself, and LOTs of time.  You have to consider the “fake news”, the “controlled opposition”, the “limited hangouts” etc.  I am finding, when I’m short on time, this to be a go to site, to catch up on many items in one place, and to be eye-opening and educational.  For the open minded and not for those who watch or believe in CNN, ABC, NBC or accept unquestioningly the NYT, WSJ and other such media as absolute truth.  That’s my disclaimer.  This is not for the faint of heart!  So if you fit the bill, check it out and enjoy!



Why This Common Cooking Oil is a Cancer Nightmare

I think many of us have finally wised up to this scam of selling us the unhealthy oils -which replaced our healthier animal fats over half a century ago; for the profit of course, of the giant food & agric/chemical/biotech industry-conglomerate monster.   A good quality olive oil, or for cooking avocado and coconut oils, or butter/lard should replace margarines, Crisco and the liquid cancer oils

If you use this common cooking oil thinking it’s a healthy choice – think again. Get the scoop on how industry turned a waste product into a kitchen staple.

Source: Why This Common Cooking Oil is a Cancer Nightmare

A Mom’s Journey from Anti-Vax to “Science:” Give Me a Break! | Levi Quackenboss

Lazaraus T. Jones here with a response to one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read. Didn’t you hear? An “anti-vax” mom’s entire family (including her three vaccinated c…

Source: A Mom’s Journey from Anti-Vax to “Science:” Give Me a Break! | Levi Quackenboss