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Forbes (Forbes.com) – TruthWiki

The leader in lamestream mainstream: Forbes lies & promotes mad science that is destroying our environment and our bodies.

Forbes and Forbes.com are capitalistic media outlets that are privately held (by Forbes Inc.) and promote corporate America as a money-making enterprise, at any cost. Forbes was founded in 1917 by a financial columnist for the “Hearst” papers Bruce Charles Forbes, who’s motto then was that Forbes magazine is “The Capitalist Tool.” BC Forbes’ partner,  Full Article…

Source: Forbes (Forbes.com) – TruthWiki


The War Is Over… And We Won

The War Is Over… And We Won. ah yes, i like this point of view. The State is in it’s death throes…. is that why they’re throwing EVERYthing they’ve got at us – the Market?

The Matrix Deciphered

The Matrix Deciphered. Be aware of the pervasiveness of the mental controlled environment : this gets so deep. What are our shadow black op operations up to? Hive mentality is already real & all kinds of thought control & erasure, mind reading & torture, psychic phenomena (think ghosts & Bermuda triangle) alien abductions & more explained by our own black sciences invented half a century ago and now perfected & in play… its not only surveillance they’re up to, it’s much more