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Bill Gates has pledged an additional $35 million to fund gene drive research. The research aims to eradicate malaria with the genetic engineering of the mosquitoes responsible for its spread. DOUBLING DOWN Target Malaria, a project funded by Bill Gates, plans to put an end to malaria with the aid of CRISPR gene modification. The research […]

via Bill Gates Funds Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Wipe Out Malaria. — Q+++

Check out the murder of the anti-GMO activist in Florida who was recently found dead in her pool… she ‘d been very vocal about releasing these mosquitos into our environment.  They know nothing of what the consequences will be, mad scientists shouldn’t be allowed to play with our lives.


5-G Scrap it


We all know by now that smart meters and appliances are questionable in safety.  Why do they want this 5G rollout so badly?

The risks to human health are high – yet those who seek the absolute control over the power grid really don’t care.  While we are being drowned in negative EMF’s and microwaves, I suppose the rich & powerful use positive RF’s to heal?